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Employees who regularly use their strengths at work perform better because the activities and demands of their job are intrinsically rewarding, which in turn leads them to work harder and be more engaged with their work.
More than 40 years of research by the Gallup Organization has shown that when managers focus on their employees' strengths in stead of trying to 'fix' their weaknesses, employee engagement increases significantly. This in turn results in 8%-18% improved performance; 72% lower staff turnover; 7% increase in customer engagement; 29% profit increase; and a 59% lower safety incidents. Managers who use a strengths-based approach no longer waste time trying to wring adequate performance out of employees who are struggling and often disengaged as a result. ​​​
​Gallup's research (which included millions of people around the globe) proved conclusively that the best-led organizations know that the most direct path to individual, team, and organizational improvement begins with an investment in their employees' natural talents (which become "strengths" if developed). The key to success is not to focus on improving weaknesses, but to discover what's naturally “right” with people, and then build on that.​​ ​​


What sets our Strengths Development Programme apart from any other is that it combines the strengths-approach with the latest developments and practices in neuro-based leadership. This equips and empower leaders to discover and develop their own strengths and those of their team members, while leading people in brain-engaging ways that optimises individual and team performance.

The Neuroscience of Leadership

In a nutshell, neuro-based leadership provides in-depth understanding of the neural forces that drives human behaviour when we interact with other people (including the workplace), while Strengths provide a pathway and the tools to trigger these neural forces for greater engagement in individuals and teams.
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The Process:

STEP 1: Individual Online Strengths Assessments

​​When we help teams transform from ordinary to high-performance strengths-based units (see the videos below), the process starts with each individual team member completing the CliftonStrengths (formerly known as "StrengthsFinder") online assessment

STEP 2: Individual Strengths Coaching

Each team member is then individually coached by a certified Strengths Coach in a face-to-face session of about 2-3 hours.​ Coaching is mostly done on-site but other arrangements can be made if needed.

STEP 3: Introduction to Neuro-Based Leadership Workshop

Participants are introduced to the principles and practices of neuro-based leadership. This will enable them to improve the way they lead and motivate others to increase employee engagement and create high-performance teams.

STEP 4: Team -Specific Strengths Sessions / Workshop

Strengths coaching is followed by 1-day Team-Specific Strengths Sessions (workshops) where team members are guided to better understand and appreciate each other's strengths and learn how these contribute to the team. We also look at the team's combined strengths to identify team strengths as well as possible blind spots. ​​

STEP 5: Continued Roll-Out at All Levels

Once they discover the potential power of a strengths-based approach, most senior teams we work with opt to extend the Strengths Process to other levels and teams. The roll-out process is typically the same as the original process.

STEP 6: Quarterly Team Strengths Round Tables

Most teams we work with also commit to follow-up "Strengths Round Tables". These are open discussions facilitated by a SLI consultant where team members can share their Strengths experience - progress made as well as the challenges they might face. In this manner teams are helped to build and maintain momentum in their journey towards strengths-based excellence.
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"He who influences the thought of his times, influences all the times that follow.
​He has made his impress on eternity
- Hypatia (370-415 AD)


There are many reasons why we use CliftonStrengths. In a world obsessed with developing or fixing weaknesses, the Strengths approach invites you to focus on what is right and strong about YOU. With this approach, we help our clients to build strong people, strong teams and strong strengths-based organizational cultures. After all, it is only from a place of strength that individuals and organizations can have a significant and long-term impact.
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