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Over the years we’ve helped some of the world’s leading organisations improve their leadership capabilities. Our aim has never been to blindly gain new clients or offering 'quick fixes'. Instead, we prefer to build lasting relationships with clients who understand that leadership transformation and organisational culture change is a long-term synergistic journey.


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Here 's what some  participants said about their experience...
"Leading With the Brain in Mind" Programme:
The beauty of the training is this can be applied in the working environment and in one's personal life.” - Frans B​​

The first workshop on neuroleadership opened my eyes to a new way of leading people. Understanding how our brains work and how to use that knowledge to lead better, is so different from anything I’ve known before.”

“I never thought about leadership in this way. I feel as if I now have the tools to lead people in ways that would benefit my team in so many ways. Thank you for a life-changing experience!”

“This training is so different from anything else I’ve seen before. Every leader in our company should attend this, especially all our managers.” - Barry C (Durban)

This training opened my mind to so many new things. I’ve started to apply what we’ve learned and can already see how even some of my difficult team members are responding positively.”

“I haven’t been this excited about my job for years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this!”

“These workshops changed the how I see people, think of people, work and talk with people.”

“I’ve had a complete change of mind on how to do things and how to approach any situation.”

“This has been life-changing and I can’t wait to implement it with my team even further.”

“I first want to thank you again - attending this workshop just unlocked a lot that I had suppressed and I am now so interested in actually following what I always believed in. I have started to follow the exercises in the Personal Action Plan and I cannot wait to engage with my team again.” - Neo (Port Elizabeth)

Top management also need to attend this training so that we will all be on the same page.”

“Neuroleadership is the best way to lead in the 21st Century. Line managers also need to attend.”

"Manie has changed our mindset in many ways. I see things differently and realise your future is determined by you, not your surroundings.”

“This has made me more confident as a leader. Well done, it has been an eye opener in how I think of and apply leadership.”

“I always knew I had leadership qualities but didn’t know how to apply them. I expected less than what I received here. This programme made me a better leader.”​ 

Start the journey towards brain-engaging leadership today...

"He who influences the thought of his times, influences all the times that follow.
​He has made his impress on eternity
- Hypatia (370-415 AD)
Supervisor Development & Neurosafety Programme:
I thought this programme would only focus on safety but I was pleasantly surprised as it did much more than that. It equipped us to start leading people in new ways that would not only improve safety but also my team’s overall performance.” - Kevin K (Lichtenburg)

"This has helped me to better understand my leadership role and responsibilities. I’m set on creating an no-fear culture by leading with the brain in mind.”

Safety has always been important to me but I sometimes struggled to find the balance between safety and production. I now realise that if we apply neuroleadership, safety and production will both benefit.”

If everyone in (the company) starts to lead with the brain in mind, we will soon see great improvements in the way we work and practice safety. All our managers should definitely attend this.

I learnt a lot. I know exactly what I’m going to start doing differently when I get back to my plant.”

It gave me a different way of thinking about life and the opportunity to change some things in my life.”

This changed my outlook on my supervisory role. I’ve started to apply some of the skills we learnt last time and it’s really working for me.
Other Workshops & Masterclasses:
​​"I loved the practical sessions in which we could apply what we've learned in a safe environment. This was an extremely helpfull and pleasurable experience, thank you!" - David D (Johannesburg).

"Overall one of the best workshops I've ever attended." - J.P. (Kathu)

"Manie is very knowledgeable and gets all the participants to participate. His approach is excelent and I've learned so much." - Brendon d P. (Pretoria)

I haven’t been this excited about my job for a long time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this!”
"This workshop really equipped me with the skills to present with impact. I loved the vibrant energy all around and have learned so many skills in such a short time." - Cindly-Lee D (University of Pretoria) 

"Manie's mentoring and coaching skills are excellent. He helped me to identify my weak and strong points and to motivate us to create dialogues with the audience. This was excellent!" - Mandlenkosi S. (Johannesburg)

"I have been presenting for years but this workshop has lifted me up one or more levels. It was well-structured and not too formal. I also enjoyed the group interaction." - Mamakagiso P. (Johannesburg)

"The part about the neuroscience of presenting had been the highlight for me. Understanding how to manage my own stress and brain responses while also using this information to get through to my audience has been enlightening. A very practical and valuable learning experience!" - Mark P. (Fascilitator, Sandton)

"Enjoyed it very much! Now looking forward to my presenting-journey!" - Berdine B. (Coach, Johannesburg)

"This was an eye-opening and informative experience. I never realised the smaller details which can determine the success of a presentation. It took me out of my comfort zone and I will be presenting with greater confidence from now on." - Neville v V. (Pretoria)

"It was very good all around but incorporating the neuroscience of presenting was amazing. Thank you so much, really enjoyed it!" - Louisa. (Manager, Pretoria)

"Manie is definately an expert in his field. I learned a lot and especially how to adapt my presentation style and structure to different audiences." - Elias M. (Manager, Newcastle)

"At last I have the confidence to present, thank you so much! It was so good to be part of such an inspiring group, thank you so much everybody!" - Alett N. (University of Pretoria)

"This event exceeded my expectations by far. The workshop gave me a practical process to plan and prepare my presentations, and also boosted my confidence when standing in front of an audience." - Charlotte R. (HR, Johannesburg)

"What a great workshop. I greatly recommend it to my friends, you will walk out with excellent presentation skills." - Lereko M. (Johannesburg)

"The course was presented to us in a way that was easy to understand, interactive and practical. I recommend that anyone who have to present regularly should attend it." - Refiloe M. (University of Pretoria)

"I learned a lot, thank you!!" - Cora B. (University of Pretoria)

"Thank you Manie, I learned so much! You are a life-saver, the students would have experienced 'death by Powerpoint' this year if I continued doing what I was doing - fortunately you taught us 'life by Powerpoint'!" - Rainie vd L. (University of Pretoria)

"For the first time in my life I can now stand in front of an audience with confidence. Can't wait to apply what I've learned!" - Thobego C (Engineer, Pretoria)

"This was an excellent training experience, thank you Manie!" - Kajal P. (Johannesburg)

"The course is well-structured and took us through a process which was both informative and practical. I also appreciated the feedback from other participants after each of my presentations." - Gloria X. (HR, Newcastle)
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