"Neurosafety is a behaviour-based approach to safety that combines neuro-based leadership, positive psychology and safety management to create brain-engaging working environments that optimizes performance, productivity and ultimately, safe work."

Neurosafety: Brain-Minded Safety Management


​​From a neurological perspective, many of today’s workplaces have become extremely threatening environments as a result of autocratic leadership, increased demands, constantly changing goals and expectations, information overload, poor communication and the fear of punishment if a mistake is made. ​​​This creates a 'fear-culture' where people are often in constant neurological fear-states and where safe behaviour is one of the first casualties.
"In many workplaces, people are in constant neurological fear-states where safe behaviour is one of the first casualties." 
Research in social neuroscience shows that the key driving principle of the human brain is 'threats and rewards'. Our brains are constantly scanning the environment – both the physical environment (e.g. the workplace) and the social environment (the way people behave towards us) – for anything it might perceive as a threat or a reward.


When a REWARD is detected, it triggers an automated ENGAGE neural response that drives us towards that perceived reward and ultimately also enables us to function at our best (e.g. improved creativity, better judgment, enhanced memory, effective decision-making, better communication, etc.).
When a THREAT is detected the opposite happens as an automated DISENGAGE response is triggered. Our ability to solve problems, communicate, understand consequences, evaluate situations, control impulses, plan ahead, recall information and make decisions is severely impaired at a neurological level. 
When in this 'fear-state', an individual’s ability to perform even simple routine actions – not to mention perform at their best when things go wrong – is disrupted as their brain tries to work its way through the perceived threat (inter-personal or environmental). This often causes them to behave in unsafe ways - taking shortcuts, hiding or lying about incidents, ignoring safety procedures and making unsafe decisions, especially when under pressure.​


​​Neurosafety is an emerging field which integrates principles and insight from social neuroscience, safety management and organizational leadership to help organisations create brain-engaging working environments that optimises performance, productivity and ultimately, safe behaviour (see Neurosafety: The New Science of Safety Leadership).

The MindSafe Programme:

​As such, it takes behaviour-based safety to a new level as it enables leaders to understand and manage the neural processes that drive human behaviour. (click HERE or follow the link on the right to read about MindSafe - our brain-based safety culture transformation programme).

Neurosafety-based Safety Culture  Transformation Programme


A strong feature of neurosafety is applying the principles of neuro-based leadership - using new insights from neuroscientific research to trigger more 'reward-engage' neural responses and avoiding 'threat-disengage' (fight-or-flight) responses.​​​
​When leaders understand the impact of THEIR behaviour on the brains of those they lead, they can learn to behave in ways that trigger the desired behaviour (e.g. high performance and working safely) in people. By applying the principles of neuro-based leadership, leaders empower their people to function in a predominantly 'engaged' state, which means their are able to perform at their best, resulting in increased performance, job satisfaction, employee engagement and safe behaviour.
​Neurosafety is therefore a science-based, brain-minded approach to safety management that enables leaders to create brain-engaging working environments, which enhances employee engagement, workplace safety and performance at all levels.


​When leaders understand that creating a sustainable safety culture takes more than compliance or doing a 'tick-box-exercise', new possibilities  open up. By applying the principles and practices of neurosafety,  teams and organisations can expect to see...​​
Safety has always been important to me but I sometimes struggled to find the balance between safety and production. I now realise that if we apply neuro-based leadership, safety and production will both benefit.”​
  • improved overall safety performance;
  • improved decision-making and problem-solving when under pressure;
  • increased employee engagement and motivation;
  • increased employee job satisfaction;
  • more creative thinking;
  • strengthened capacity for collaboration;
  • improved employee-manager relationships;
  • strengthened ability to manage change;
  • improved capability for diversity management;
  • improved capacity to manage conflict; and 
  • improved ability to deal with stress and production pressure.​
- Participant, MindSafe Supervisor Programme

Start the journey towards brain-engaging leadership today...

"He who influences the thought of his times, influences all the times that follow.
​He has made his impress on eternity
- Hypatia (370-415 AD)


​To learn more about this exciting new development in safety management and how we can help you discover its advantages, please contact us. Meanwhile, you may also want to take a look at these articles (click on title):​


SLI is on the global forefront of exploring and developing the emerging field of neurosafety. We go the extra mile to keep up with the latest research on social neuroscience and its applications in the field of safety management. We also conduct our own field research to identify best practices and collaborate closely with specialists in safety management. This enables us to offer a wide array of products and services (please contact us for more information) that helps organisations establish effective and sustainable safety cultures by applying the principles and practices of neurosafety.
The following is not nearly a comprehensive list of our neurosafety offerings, but it would give you and your leadership team a good kick-start into this new field:
Neurosafety Power Session
·​ DURATION: 3 Hours face-to-face   ·​ MAX ATTENDEES: 35
   You know it's time to take your company's safety culture out of the Dark Ages but 'neurosafety' sounds a little sci-fi-ish to some? Take the first step into 21st Century safety culture transformation by booking a neurosafety power session for your leaderhip team. 
   This event will create new understanding of the brain processes that precede human behaviour and how leaders can manage these to create sustainable safety cultures. We're global pioneers in the field of neurosafety and would love to share this exciting new approach with you. Learn more by sending us an email or give us a call right now!