List of Modules in Supervisor Development Programme

Our Supervisor Development Programme (SDP) consist of 15 modules from which you select only those you need (minimum of 3) to address your team’s current development needs. 
Once you’ve made your selection and decided on the sequence in which you want us to present the workshops, we will quote you on the costing and if the quote is accepted, we will jointly set the dates and time schedule (typically one workshop per group per month).  To decide which modules you want to include for your supervisors, please scroll down to the detailed descriptions of each workshop below.  
​​FOLLOW-ON COACHING: Studies have shown that while classroom training increased performance with an average of more than 20%, adding a one-to-one coaching intervention after the training can push performance up with as much 88%. We therefore strongly recommend that a one-on-one coaching intervention (read more about our coaching options here) be included in your programme. Coaching will be customized to your supervisor team's goals and needs and will be performed by a certified coach.
INVOICING: It can be arranged for invoicing to be done on a monthly basis so that the cost is spread evenly over the period that the programme is running. Select the modules you need right away and let us help your supervisors become effective brain-minded 21st Century leaders!

List and Descriptions of Modules in Supervisor Programme:

Leading in the 21st Century (SDP-01)​​

Leading in the 21st Century is an introduction to the essentials of effective leadership and focuses on critical leadership skills and capabilities. It combines the latest leadership– and management–theory with unique scientific insight from social neuroscience and safety management. Topics covered include the changed role of leaders; neuroleadership; understanding and choosing between different leadership styles; effective communication and the importance of trust and collaboration in teams.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand the challenges of 21st Century leadership;
  • understand the differences between leadership and management;
  • align individual and team tasks, goals, mission and vision;
  • choose between different leadership styles; and
  • apply the basics of neuroleadership to build trust and improve collaboration in teams.

Creative Conflict Management (SDP-02)
DURATION: 2 Days   MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

Creative Conflict Management equips leaders and managers to deal with conflict in a constructive manner. Integrating emerging knowledge on how our brains respond to conflict, the workshop helps participants to understand the positive potential of conflict; identify their own natural conflict management style; appreciate the role of individual personalities; use an established model and process to manage conflict in a constructive manner; and understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand that conflict in itself is neither negative nor positive;
  • understand and choose between conflict management styles;
  • analyze and assess a conflict situation;
  • manage the impact of culture during a conflict; and
  • resolve conflict constructively.

Decision Making and Problem Solving (SDP-03)
DURATION: 1 Day   MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

Decision Making and Problem Solving equips decision makers at all levels to understand decision-making processes and to harness this insight to enable more effective and creative decision-making. The workshop incorporates established decision-making strategies and practice with new insight from neuroscientific research. Topics covered include the neuroscience of decisions; individual decision-making preferences; decision-making pitfalls; and facilitating collaborative decision-making.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand how we make decisions (including the neuroscience of decisions);
  • avoid common decision-making pitfalls;
  • facilitate collaborative decision-making in teams and groups; and
  • use problem solving tools and processes for more creative decisions.

Leading Safety With the Brain in Mind (SDP-04)
DURATION: 2 Days   MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

In this trail-blazing 2-day workshop tailored for supervisors, mid-level managers and safety practitioners, we integrate new insights from research in social neuroscience, safety engineering and leadership to show why we can no longer afford to lead and manage safety as we did in the past. Participants will understand why working in environments characterized by fear of failure and retribution severely impairs the human brain’s ability for effective decision making; problem solving; communication; recalling information; creativity and discerning between right and wrong. As an alternative, we propose a leadership model based on neuroscientific research that will help foster inter-personal relationships and create brain-friendly environments and safety cultures that will optimize individual and team performance, productivity and ultimately, safety.
Expected Outcomes
This workshop will help leaders to...
  • understand the challenges of leading in the 21st Century;
  • appreciate the futility of only relying on traditional approaches to safety;
  • understand the principles of brain-based influence;
  • understand the critical role of leaders in creating sustainable safety cultures; and
  • improve your ability to collaborate and to facilitate collaboration.

Brain-Minded Diversity Management (SDP-05)
DURATION: 2 Days   MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

The world has become an inter-connected “global village” where diversity, variety and constant change have become the norm. In this new environment the role of leaders have changed from the old "command-and-control" autocrats to that of skilled facilitators who are able to motivate, collaborate and engage people for optimum results. To do so effectively, cross-cultural competency has become a key success factor. This workshop uses an established model to help participants understand culture and its influence in the workplace. It also provides participants with unique and revelational insight into the workings of the human brain when interacting in multicultural and other diverse environments. Participants are guided to recognize how this could be applied to improve their impact and effectiveness when working with individuals and groups from different backgrounds and orientations. The workshop integrates academic input, experiential learning and practical discovery in a proven formula.
Expected Outcomes
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand the difference between cultural stereotypes and tendencies;
  • understand culture and its impact in the workplace;
  • understand how our attitude towards ‘in-groups’ and ‘out-groups’ are formed in the brain;
  • apply an appropriate strategy to deal with cultural differences; and
  • improve their overall cultural competency and diversity management skills.

Effective Leader Communication (SDP-06)
            DURATION:  2 Days   MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

Effective Leader Communication is without doubt the lifeblood of any successful group or organization. This workshop equips participants to communicate more effectively in order to create clarity and increase their leadership influence. Topics covered include the implications of information overload; using the most effective medium; a communication model and process; different communication styles; the neuroscience of communication; communication during change; and communicating during a crisis.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand the dynamics and importance of effective communication;
  • understand and choose between different communication styles;
  • use the most appropriate communication medium;
  • communicate effectively during change; and
  • apply the principles of brain-friendly communication to maximize performance.

Leading High Performance Teams (SDP-07)
DURATION: 1 or 2 Days   MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

Leading High Performance Teams helps current and developing leaders understand the key success factors for team performance and equips them to apply this understanding in the workplace. As such it incorporates current knowledge and evidence about teamwork and  performance with new scientific findings about human group interaction and functioning. Participants are encouraged to assess  their own team behaviour and to develop the skills and mindsets required for excellence in empowered teams.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand the potential value of teamwork in the 21st Century workplace;
  • understand the dynamics and characteristics of high-performance teams;
  • manage the role of individual personalities and roles in teams;
  • facilitate  collaboration in teams; and
  • apply the basics of neuroleadership to build trust in teams.

Building Strengths-Based Teams (SDP-08)
DURATION: 1 or 2 Days   MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

This workshop is aimed at helping teams of all sizes make the shift from ineffective weakness-fixing into strengths-based units, which have been scientifically proven to improve productivity; improve employee engagement; and muster mutual understanding and commitment to the team’s vision and goals. The Gallup StrengthsFinderTM pre-workshop assessment and coaching for all team members is mandatory for this results-orientated and highly effective team intervention.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • discover and develop their own unique strengths for more effective and fulfilling work;
  • learn to appreciate and embrace the strengths of their team-mates and colleagues;
  • increase team effectiveness and employee engagement by aligning strengths with goals; and
  • lead and coach others to discover, develop and use their strengths.

Negotiating with the Brain in Mind (SDP-09)
DURATION: 2 Days    MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

Negotiating with the Brain in Mind is another ground-breaking offering ion that it combines the established principles and processes of negotiating with new insight into the neural processes which come into play during negotiations. This workshop will equip those who are often involved in negotiations—both formal and informal– to improve the way they negotiate in order to attain win-win outcomes. Topics covered includes individual negotiation styles; planning– diagnosing and executing a negotiation process; effective communication during a negotiation; the role and impact of cultural diversity during negotiations; and the neuroscience of negotiations.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand their own natural negotiation style;
  • understand different negotiation types;
  • plan, diagnose and execute a negotiation process;
  • understand the principles of effective communication during negotiations;
  • understand and manage neural responses during negotiations; and
  • become more effective in negotiating win-win agreements.

The Supervisor as a Coach (SDP-10)
DURATION: 2 Days    MAX ATTENDEES: 15 Participants

The Supervisor as a Coach equips leaders with the skills to coach the members of their teams. This enables them not to merely fulfil their management roles but to also help improve the skillset of their teams and to develop more leaders. Topics covered include the difference between coaching, mentoring and teaching; the importance of trust between coach and coachee; and using the GROW-model to  facilitate coaching conversations.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • build trusting relationships with team members;
  • identify individual talent, distinctive competencies, and potential growth opportunities;
  • use coaching skills to manage individual performance levels (high, medium or low performers);
  • create relevant development plans to help grow individuals; and
  • apply the principles of neuroleadership when coaching others.

Facilitating Brain-Friendly Meetings (SDP-11)
DURATION: 1 Day    MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

Facilitating Brain-Friendly Meetings is a practical workshop which helps meeting facilitators at all levels do so more effectively. Participants are provided with a process to plan and facilitate effective meetings while new perspectives from neuroscience help them understand how leader behaviour can either enhance or undermine the effectiveness of meetings.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand the difference between effective and ineffective meetings;
  • plan and facilitate meetings and discussions more effectively;
  • recognize the “task” and “social” reasons behind meetings; and
  • apply the principles of neuroleadership when facilitating meetings.

Mastering Time Management (SDP-12)
DURATION: 1 Day    MAX ATTENDEES: 25 Participants 

Time is the ONLY resource that is distributed to everyone in equal measure, yet research shows as little as 10% of managers spend their time in a committed, purposeful, and reflective manner. Mastering Time Management helps participants to understand the critical importance of effective time management and guides them to identify their individual time management blind spots and how these can be turned around. The workshop also deals with priority setting, the fallacy of multitasking, overcoming bad time management habits and taking personal responsibility for effective time management.
Expected Outcomes: 
The workshop will help participants to... 
  • understand the benefits of effective time management on a personal and organizational level;
  • identify individual bad habits that lead to poor time management;
  • follow a neuroscience-based process to develop good time management habits;
  • deal with information overload and constant interruptions; and
  • create a personal action plan for more effective time management.

Present and Facilitate with Impact
DURATION: 2 Days    MAX ATTENDEES: 12 Participants 

Being able to speak in public and deliver powerful presentations is crucial for just about any career. Present With Impact equips participants to experience the joy and fulfilment of being able to present with confidence and impact. Our established and proven workshop content and design (following a step-by-step process to plan, design and deliver high-impact presentations and speeches) is augmented by helping participants understand the neuroscience of presenting - providing unique insights from brain science studies that presenters can harness to their advantage. 
Expected Outcomes: 
The workshop will help participants to... 
  • follow a 4-step process to plan and design presentations;
  • align their content and style with their target audience;
  • use colour, graphics and language to create lasting impressions;
  • interact with the audience in an engaging manner; and
  • understand and harness the neuroscience of presenting.

Brain-Minded Change Leadership (SDP-14)
DURATION: 2 Days    MAX ATTENDEES: 20 Participants

It is no secret that leaders at all levels are struggling to keep up in a world where change has become the only constant. Leading Change with the Brain in Mind equips participants to understand and effectively manage the effect of constant change on themselves and the people they lead. Participants are helped to understand the drivers of change (internal, organizational, local, national and global) and how this requires new skills and approaches in leadership. This workshop also provides participants with unique insight into the workings of the human brain when faced with constant change and how this could be applied to be more effective in dealing with the impact of change on themselves and others.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand the effect and implications of constant change;
  • understand the internal and external drivers and domains of change;
  • understand the difference between change management and change leadership;
  • learn about the brain’s natural response to change and how to manage this in themselves and in others;
  • learn the basics of brain-friendly change leadership; and
  • improve their overall change leadership competence.

Brain-Minded Safety Culture Transformation (SDP-15)
DURATION: 2 Days    MAX ATTENDEES: 12 Participants

Brain-Minded Safety Culture Transformation is another trailblazing workshop specifically aimed at  equipping leaders to improve the safety culture in their teams. The workshop will help participants understand the constructs of a safety culture and how their behaviour as leaders will create either a “fear-culture” or a brain-friendly safety culture in their teams. Specific focuses include breaking through the “safety glass ceiling”, the principles of neurosafety, the six dimensions of a safety culture (informed, reporting, just, trust, flexible, learning), the leader’s role as a catalyst of culture and the impact of culture on behaviour and decision-making.
Expected Outcomes:
The workshop will help participants to...
  • understand why traditional approaches to safety is no longer enough in the 21st Century workplace;
  • understand organizational culture and how it is formed;
  • learn to discern between stereotypes and cultural tendencies;
  • understand the critical role of the leader as a catalyst of culture;
  • understand and improve 5 leadership practices that create a culture;
  • understand the basics of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how this impacts team culture;
  • understand the 6 constructs of an effective Safety Culture; and
  • use a brain-minded approach to create a no-fear environment.​

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