SLI Coaching Options

Studies have shown that while classroom training increased managers' performance with an average of more than 20%, adding a one-to-one coaching intervention after the training can push performance up with as much 88%.
We offer coaching to individuals (including executive coaching), teams and entire organizations. We currently have four coaching options - Strengths-Based Coaching, Executive Coaching, Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) Coaching and Supervisor Coaching. Choosing the right option for you or your team would depend on your individual or team needs and where you are in your career right now. 

The Neuroscience of Leadership

​​Individual coaching is a personal journey between coach and coachee where they decide the format, frequency, duration and expected outcomes between them. Team coaching follows a process starting with coaching of individual team members followed by team sessions where team members are helped to understand team strengths and how the strengths of individual members can be aligned with team roles and work. Through our association with professional coaches we have the capacity to offer one-on-one coaching to entire organizations over a relative short period. Our associate coaches are all experts intheir fields and have a proven track record of succcessful coaching interventions. 

Brain-Minded Leadership Development

Option 1: Strengths-Based Coaching

Probably the most common reason why individuals, teams and companies struggle to reach their full potential is the fallacy that in order to be successful you need to 'fix' your weaknesses. 
​​The futility of this approach has been revealed by more than 40 years of research by the Gallup Organization, which included millions of people around the globe. Gallup's research proves conclusively that the best-led organizations know that the most direct path to individual, team, and rganizational improvement begins with an investment in their employees' talents. The key to success is not to focuson improving weaknesses, but to discover what's naturally “right” with people, and then build on that.​ 

Individual & Team Strengths Development

Supported by this overwhelming evidence and our own experience, SLI follows a strengths-based approach to coaching. The coaching journey typically starts with individuals completing the online CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerley known as Gallup StrengthsFinder) followed by one-on-one coaching (face-to-face or via Skype) by an accredited StrengthsFinder coach.
“There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.” 
- Booker T. Washington
For more about our neuro-based Strengths Development Programme, have a look here...

Option 2: Executive Coaching

What used to be a stigma (“you’re so broken you need a coach”) has become a status symbol (“you’re so valuable we need to get you a coach”). Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps have coaches. Even Barack Obama had a coach when he was president of the US. Microsoft ‘s young high-potential leaders get coaches. If top athletes and organizations think they need coaches, shouldn’t you have one too?
Our advice is to consider this carefully. Executive coaching - personal training in leadership  - should be used like a powerful prescription drug that works best under certain conditions. When used as a silver bullet fix-all, it is less effective, expensive and could even have negative side effects.
Here are five questions to ask in order to determine if you or your team members needs an executive coach...
  • How valuable is this person’s performance and potential to the organization?
  • What is the challenge the person is facing right now?
  • How willing and able will the individual be to work with a coach?
  • What alternatives to coaching are available?
  • Are key people in the organization ready to support this person’s efforts to grow and change?
SLI’s associated executive coaches are selected on the basis of what they’ve already achieved - their proven and documented track record. They’ve all worked with leaders in some of the world’s leading companies and achieved results which can be verified. Here’s what they can do for you…
  • ​​Clarifying goals and staying focused on key actions to achieve them.
  • Assessing leadership strengths, improvement areas, and performance opportunities.
  • Clarifying organizational mission, vision, values, and goals.
  • Managing time, priorities, and work, and eliminate less important activities.
  • Clarifying and applying professional development and career planning.

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"He who influences the thought of his times, influences all the times that follow.
​He has made his impress on eternity
- Hypatia (370-415 AD)

Option 3: Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) Coaching

Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) is a leadership approach where leaders interact directly with employees in the workplace. When done right, this gives them the opportunity to set an example, influence the group culture, build relationships and show personal interest in people's well-being.

Neurosafety: Brain-Minded Safety Management

Through VFL leaders publicly show their own and the organization’s commitment to caring about people. In this way it can be a strong building block to build trust and improve relationships among employees, customers, shareholders and even communities. ​
​​VFL is also a critical element in creating a sustainable  safety culture. It gives leaders the opportunity to assess safety practices on ground level and challenge employees to commit to safety and behave in ways that are aligned with what is important for the business and their personal safety. These leaders lead by example because they feel and believe in what they do. When felt leadership is demonstrated within an organization in the area of safety, a cultural transformation can and will occur. More importantly, that transformation is sustainable because it becomes part of the fabric of the company and the environment in which employees operate. 
"Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands."
- Jeff Cooper  
SLI's VFL coaching equips leaders (executives, managers, supervisors, safety professionals, etc) to interact with employees in constructive and brain-friendly ways. Our associated VFL coach is highly experienced in this practical aspect of leadership as well as in safety culture transformation. Coaching sessions typically runs over two hours (one session per month over 3 months is recommended) of which a significant portion is spent on-site with the coachee. 

Option 4: Supervisor Coaching

One of the greatest shortfalls in many organizations is the fact that many supervisors are expected to lead and manage their people without ever been formally trained to lead or manage people. In recent times our Supervisor Development Programme has helped to equip supervisors in some of world's most forward-thinking companies to be able to lead and manage more effectively. 

Neuro-Based Supervisor Development Programme

Our Supervisor Coaching is recommended as a follow-on for supervisors that have attended some of our workshops or are participating in the Supervisor Development Programme. A qualified and experienced coach would typically use the GROW Model to help coachees identify and set personal leadership Goals, Realities, Options and Will (commitment), and then guide and support them as they embark on a journey towards more effective leaderhip.

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